The Life of Gladstone

I live in the Museum Quarter of Douglas. Rather appropriately for a place with a connection to the past, it’s replete with antique, second-hand, and charity shops. Items on display in the windows offer snapshots into other people’s lives. Often it’s quite melancholy; one local shop recently had four or five sets of golf clubs,Continue reading “The Life of Gladstone”

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

I’ve just re-discovered this column that I originally wrote for the Isle of Man Examiner. It’s caught my eye because (a) one of the ludicrously unlikely things I suggested has now (sort of) happened, and (b) I am ridiculously pleased with the pun I came up with at the end. At the time of writingContinue reading “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast”

Always Know Where You Anorak Is

The annoyingly dead but otherwise marvellous writer Douglas Adams recommended that those hitchhiking around the galaxy should always know where their towel is. In the not-completely unlikely scenario that there might one day be Manx people backpacking through Betelgeuse (let’s face it, we get everywhere), I think we’d replace the towel with a coat. OneContinue reading “Always Know Where You Anorak Is”

Helene Hanff: Beyond ’84 Charing Cross Road’ – for We Are Cult

I’ve written a piece for the splendid We Are Cult, about the books of Helene Hanff. Here’s a link: If you’re interested in movies, TV, music or books that are a little off the beaten path from the bestsellers, please have a browse round the We Are Cult site. There are some really goodContinue reading “Helene Hanff: Beyond ’84 Charing Cross Road’ – for We Are Cult”