Women of Manx History

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, I’ve written a piece for Gef on interesting women from Manx history. There are loads, basically – far more than I could include in the space available, without doing them the injustice of being too brief. I’m hoping to get a chance to write about a few more remarkableContinue reading “Women of Manx History”

The Beginning of The Champions

Supercool Sixties spy series The Champions begins a re-run on Talking Pictures TV, on Sunday 7 March. I’ve written about the show before, in an article you can find elsewhere on the site, for a general overview. To mark the occasion of the Talking Pictures re-run, I’ve made a more detailed examination of the firstContinue reading “The Beginning of The Champions”

The Migration of the Teddy Bears

The way different animals migrate has fascinated people for countless millennia. From salmon swimming upstream with unerring accuracy to find their spawning grounds, to birds flying south to avoid the cold touch of winter, to herds of wildebeest locating their fresh grazing lands. It’s a reminder that there are some parts of nature that willContinue reading “The Migration of the Teddy Bears”