Elisabeth Sladen: 10 Years On

At the time of writing (19 April 2021) it’s the tenth anniversary of the death of the actor Elisabeth Sladen. She had a good solid career combining theatre, including a spell working for Alan Ayckbourn at his Scarborough theatre, and TV, where she appeared in such well-regarded shows as Z Cars, Coronation Street, and SomeContinue reading “Elisabeth Sladen: 10 Years On”

A Very Brief History

It’s the birthday of one of the most controversial figures in Manx history – William Christian, AKA Illiam Dhone. To mark the occasion Culture Vannin have shared this YouTube video from Jack Rackam. The title Patriot or Traitor? pretty much sums up the whole debate that’s rumbled on about Dhone since he was executed byContinue reading “A Very Brief History”

The Breath of Myrtle Street

With lockdown restrictions ever-so-slightly eased in the last few days, I went for a walk with a friend today. Just a Sunday afternoon stroll around Douglas, avoiding busy areas and all properly masked and distanced. It wasn’t the most carefree or relaxed walk, with all those rules to remember, but it was the furthest I’veContinue reading “The Breath of Myrtle Street”

Bridge of Exasperated Sighs

I took this picture on the old railway line near Kirk Michael. It was May, and the gorse was huge, thick, and outrageously yellow. In some places, it was growing right across the former narrow-gauge line, leading to snagged jeans and some frankly rather ungainly bunny hops. The photo was taken at a mercifully clearerContinue reading “Bridge of Exasperated Sighs”

Mining The Past

The ‘Memories’ tab on Facebook is one of the site’s more endearing features. Now that they’ve tweaked the algorithm so it doesn’t send inappropriately chirpy reminders to people of the time their grandfather died and dozens of people sent messages, it’s a helpful aide-memoire of things that you posted on today’s date in years goneContinue reading “Mining The Past”

Women of Manx History

To mark International Women’s Day 2021, I’ve written a piece for Gef on interesting women from Manx history. There are loads, basically – far more than I could include in the space available, without doing them the injustice of being too brief. I’m hoping to get a chance to write about a few more remarkableContinue reading “Women of Manx History”