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100 Years of Nigel Kneale

On the 28th April, it will be the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nigel Kneale. He’s one of the finest writers the Isle of Man has ever produced, with an influence still felt in work being produced today. However, his chosen genre means he hasn’t always received the acclaim he deserves. I’ve tried toContinue reading “100 Years of Nigel Kneale”

Peel 1965

Algorithms are funny things. Sometimes they’re belly-shakingly hilarious in their misfires. But generally, they’re quite cute in the way they stalk your every online movement to serve up some digital sweetmeat that they think you might like. They’re often correct. Because I read and write a fair bit about Manx culture and history, a siteContinue reading “Peel 1965”

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