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Ghost Signs

Here’s a link to my latest article for the excellent Manx website Gef. Gef is named after a phantom talking mongoose, who was reputed to have haunted a farmhouse in the Island in the 1930s. As you do. And in this piece I’m discussing ghosts of a different kind. Darth Vader also gets a mention.Continue reading “Ghost Signs”

This Is Not Bliss

Some time ago, a few friends and I were out for a hike in the north of the Isle of Man. We met in the grand sturdy village of Kirk Michael and set off on an upward ascent, towards the Northern Hills of the Island. It was a fine clear day, with sunshine powerful enoughContinue reading “This Is Not Bliss”

Sour Charity

On the evidence of the above photo, life in the Museum Quarter of Douglas at least is returning to normal. Barely had the latest lockdown lifted, than this familiar sight appeared. Clothes fly-tipped on the door of a charity shop, which is making it quite clear that it is not open to receive donations. (AndContinue reading “Sour Charity”

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