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The Migration of the Teddy Bears

The way different animals migrate has fascinated people for countless millennia. From salmon swimming upstream with unerring accuracy to find their spawning grounds, to birds flying south to avoid the cold touch of winter, to herds of wildebeest locating their fresh grazing lands. It’s a reminder that there are some parts of nature that willContinue reading “The Migration of the Teddy Bears”

Tower Record

Of all the buildings in the Isle of Man, this must be one of the most remarkable. Cynics scoffed when the Third Ronague Cub Pack proposed building a replica of the Eiffel Tower out of lolly sticks, next to their hut. But under the watchful eye of their Akela, Mrs Kineen, the result, as youContinue reading “Tower Record”

Signs of Wonder

Let me take you by the thoroughly-sanitised hand and lead you through the streets of the Isle of Man. When I’m not photographing the interesting or frankly bizarre buildings of my own dear Ellan Vannin, I also like to mix things up a bit by taking pictures of some of the more attention-grabbing street namesContinue reading “Signs of Wonder”

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