About me

Why, yes, I had been wearing sunglasses.


I’m Mark Trevor Owen, a freelance writer.

Despite the quite Welsh name, I’m actually Manx, based here in the Isle of Man.

I write on a variety of topics, including Manx culture and history, vintage television, and literature. I’ve experience in copywriting and have also sometimes been known to write fiction.

My work has been published by Isle of Man Newspapers, BBC Isle of Man, We Are Cult, Chinbeard Books, Miwk Publishing and Watching Books.

When I’m not writing my own stuff, I’m also experienced in proofreading and editing.

I’ve had essays published in the following books:

You And Who: Contact Has Been Made, Volume One. Edited by J.R. Southall. Miwk Publishing. (2013)
You And Who: Contact Has Been Made, Volume Two. Edited by Christopher Bryant. Miwk Publishing. (2013).
You And Who Else. Edited by J.R. Southall. Watching Books. (2015)
You On Target. Edited by Christopher Bryant. Watching Books. (2020)

Some of my short fiction can be found in the following anthology books:

Doctor Who – A Time Lord For Change. Edited by Elton Townend Jones. Chinbeard Books. (2016).
Whoblique Strategies. Edited by Elton Townend Jones, Chinbeard Books. (2017).

I have a number of articles published on the websites http://www.wearecult.rocks and http://www.gef.im

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