Tower Record

Of all the buildings in the Isle of Man, this must be one of the most remarkable. Cynics scoffed when the Third Ronague Cub Pack proposed building a replica of the Eiffel Tower out of lolly sticks, next to their hut. But under the watchful eye of their Akela, Mrs Kineen, the result, as youContinue reading “Tower Record”

Signs of Wonder

Let me take you by the thoroughly-sanitised hand and lead you through the streets of the Isle of Man. When I’m not photographing the interesting or frankly bizarre buildings of my own dear Ellan Vannin, I also like to mix things up a bit by taking pictures of some of the more attention-grabbing street namesContinue reading “Signs of Wonder”

Pertwee’s Pillbox

Here’s another of my pictures of Manx buildings. This one definitely isn’t too pretty but it has an interesting history. It’s a Second World War lookout pillbox, on Douglas Head. It was built as a line of defence for HMS Valkyrie, a naval base once situated on the Head, where personnel were trained in secretContinue reading “Pertwee’s Pillbox”

We Are Cult

Now and then I get a chance to write for the website We Are Cult. As the name suggests it covers TV, music, books, films, and other stuff that’s much-loved but a few steps away from the best sellers. It’s always a joy to see the articles that I’ve written presented in such a stylishContinue reading “We Are Cult”

The Last of the New Romantics

I’ve written a piece for the fantastic We Are Cult website, marking 40 (yes, 40) years since the first single released by Duran Duran. Here’s a link, I hope you enjoy the article. The Last Of The New Romantics: 40 Years Of Duran Duran

The Cupboard of Chaos

Everyone has it. The cupboard that seems to function as a portal to another dimension. Not in a magical ‘gateway to Narnia’ fashion, but in a ‘put things into it and they vanish off the face of the Earth’ sort of way. Shortly after embracing the ways of decluttering, I made an attempt to bringContinue reading “The Cupboard of Chaos”

King of the Castles

Here’s another picture I’ve taken of a building in the Isle of Man that’s caught my attention. Well, in this case, it didn’t so much catch my attention as take up a place in my subconscious, when I was naught but a Micro-Mark. If you know the island in even the slightest way, then IContinue reading “King of the Castles”

Googling my Bonnag

The poet TS Eliot observed that he had measured out his life in coffee spoons. These days, he’d be better off with cake forks. We seem to mark major life events with cake. Is it your birthday? Here’s a cake. Had a baby? Cake will help. Getting married? You get a cake that’s actually threeContinue reading “Googling my Bonnag”


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