Pacino Boats

I’ve just found this photo, that I took a few years ago. It was the first in a series of pictures that I called Manx Fishing Boats That Share Their Name With An Al Pacino Movie.

And indeed, the last.

I’m very happy to be proved wrong on this. If you know anything about a Dog Day Afternoon in Port Erin, Cruising in Ramsey, or a Scent of a Woman in Peel, then I’ll cheerfully update the……well, one could hardly call it a collection.

Until we get a flotilla of Pacino Boats, however, the seaworthy Serpico will have to be the sole, merrily-painted representative.

And frankly, progress could also be perkier on my side-project, Manx Fishing Boats That Look Like Hercule Poirot.

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