The Train Now Departing is Arriving

It was only very recently that I wrote this article for Gef about the relationship between the Isle of Man and tellybox programmes. Then I discovered this blast of steam from the past, available on the BBC iPlayer. It’s the Manx episode of a series called The Train Now Departing about vintage railways aroundContinue reading “The Train Now Departing is Arriving”

Elisabeth Sladen: 10 Years On

At the time of writing (19 April 2021) it’s the tenth anniversary of the death of the actor Elisabeth Sladen. She had a good solid career combining theatre, including a spell working for Alan Ayckbourn at his Scarborough theatre, and TV, where she appeared in such well-regarded shows as Z Cars, Coronation Street, and SomeContinue reading “Elisabeth Sladen: 10 Years On”

A Very Brief History

It’s the birthday of one of the most controversial figures in Manx history – William Christian, AKA Illiam Dhone. To mark the occasion Culture Vannin have shared this YouTube video from Jack Rackam. The title Patriot or Traitor? pretty much sums up the whole debate that’s rumbled on about Dhone since he was executed byContinue reading “A Very Brief History”