Quatermass and the Post

You might recall that this time last year, I wrote a piece for the excellent  Manx website Gef, to mark the centenary of one of the Isle of Man’s greatest writers, Nigel Kneale. If you don’t recall it – well, I’m mortified, frankly. You can take a look here. Hurry along now:  https://gef.im/2022/04/24/the-godfather-of-sci-fi/ So, I wasContinue reading “Quatermass and the Post”

Notes on Nutcracker

For fans of vintage TV, there is a dearth of supporting material, from which more details can be gleaned. It’s one area where contemporary television has it so much better. Behind-the-scenes documentaries, cast and crew blogs, even the social media chatter of spoilers, if such activity doesn’t make you apoplectic with fury. It’s all there,Continue reading “Notes on Nutcracker”

Stay In Your Lane

Lately, I’ve got back into the habit of trying to walk ten thousand steps a day. Whether that number really does any good or not, I don’t know, but it’s certainly better than none, and does at least leave me feeling as if I’ve done some healthy activity, without that ‘summon next-of-kin’ sensation some gymContinue reading “Stay In Your Lane”

Visions of Baths

A while ago, I had an article published by the excellent Manx website Gef. The piece was all about a trip I’d taken around the Isle of Man, photographing derelict abandoned open-air swimming baths from the heyday of tourism. If you’d like to read the article, here’s a link: https://gef.im/2021/04/17/taking-a-dive-into-open-air-pools/ If you’re not familiar withContinue reading “Visions of Baths”

Peel 1965

Algorithms are funny things. Sometimes they’re belly-shakingly hilarious in their misfires. But generally, they’re quite cute in the way they stalk your every online movement to serve up some digital sweetmeat that they think you might like. They’re often correct. Because I read and write a fair bit about Manx culture and history, a siteContinue reading “Peel 1965”

The Godfather of Manx Democracy

To mark Black History Month, I was commissioned to write this piece about James Brown (no, not that one) for gef.im Our James Brown is one of the most remarkable characters in the history of the Isle of Man, and his influence is still felt in how the place is run today. Here’s a linkContinue reading “The Godfather of Manx Democracy”