Peel 1965

Algorithms are funny things. Sometimes they’re belly-shakingly hilarious in their misfires. But generally, they’re quite cute in the way they stalk your every online movement to serve up some digital sweetmeat that they think you might like. They’re often correct. Because I read and write a fair bit about Manx culture and history, a siteContinue reading “Peel 1965”

The Godfather of Manx Democracy

To mark Black History Month, I was commissioned to write this piece about James Brown (no, not that one) for Our James Brown is one of the most remarkable characters in the history of the Isle of Man, and his influence is still felt in how the place is run today. Here’s a linkContinue reading “The Godfather of Manx Democracy”

Little Stone Face

A short time ago, I wrote a piece for the fine Manx website Gef about Ghost Signs. If you’re not familiar with the phrase, here’s a link to the article, which will elucidate further. Although I don’t have the same zealous thirst for discovering remnants of the past on buildings that some do, IContinue reading “Little Stone Face”