Stay In Your Lane

Round our way

Lately, I’ve got back into the habit of trying to walk ten thousand steps a day. Whether that number really does any good or not, I don’t know, but it’s certainly better than none, and does at least leave me feeling as if I’ve done some healthy activity, without that ‘summon next-of-kin’ sensation some gym sessions can induce.

Time constraints usually mean I’m clocking up my 10K round the streets of the newly-citified Douglas. It’s very easy to fall into the same old routes and to avoid this, I’ve taken inspiration from artist Ian Coulson’s recent exhibition and book, Douglas In Passing, and started exploring the back lanes of the old town/new city.

No, this doesn’t give you the prettiest views of the capital, and yes, slack dog-owners do mean you’re advised to watch where you put your feet, but it does provide points of interest for the health-conscious history nerd. From old estate boundary walls erected years before the surrounding houses, to creative uses of the many disused coal chutes that still exist, to the mystery of why baby car seats appear so prone to fly-tipping, it’s all right up your alley.

It’s hardly in Mr Coulson’s league, but I created the above digital doodle based on my wanderings, to give an idea of the mood and character of the lanes of Douglas.

And if you are a Douglas-ite and you’re putting your bins out one evening and spot somebody in your back lane muttering “How can you still be below 5000?” at his phone, do say hello.

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