The Train Now Departing is Arriving

It was only very recently that I wrote this article for Gef about the relationship between the Isle of Man and tellybox programmes. Then I discovered this blast of steam from the past, available on the BBC iPlayer. It’s the Manx episode of a series called The Train Now Departing about vintage railways aroundContinue reading “The Train Now Departing is Arriving”

Book review: ‘Until the Manxmen are driven away’.

UNTIL THE MANXMEN ARE DRIVEN AWAY – The Selected Poems of Paul Lebiedzinski Ramsey poet Paul Lebiedzinski has finally had his work published in book form, 25 years after his death at the distressingly young age of 43. Culture Vannin have continued their interesting and vital work in expanding the popular idea of what ManxContinue reading “Book review: ‘Until the Manxmen are driven away’.”